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Kathleen and Co. Ladies Of The 80’s Collection

Hello, hello! I have some shifty beauties from Kathleen and Co. to share today. These polishes were inspired by fabulous songs from the 80’s (my favorite decade) and are so beautiful! 

Mary was inspired by some of her favorite songs from this decade, ones that never get old! These polishes debuted at Polish Con New Orleans and will be available on the site soon. 

Time After Time is a bright green aurora polish that shifts from pink to peach to gold and to green. The formula for all of these polishes was wonderful and very easy to use. I will say that due to the lightness of colors for these polishes, they don’t look opaque until they are fully dry. I used 3 coats and a quick drying top coat for each polish and could see a tiny bit of my nail lime until the polish was dry so keep that in mind while applying these. I really love this bright green color, it’s perfect for spring! 

This polish was inspired by the Cyndi Lauper song of the same name and will be $12. 

Head Over Heels is a light peachy pink polish that has aurora shifting shimmer that goes from pink to gold to green. I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat for my swatches. This peachy polish is so beautiful, I really love it! 

This polish was inspired by The Go-Go’s song of the same name and will be $13. 

Get Into The Groove was inspired by the song by Madonna. This polish has a bright pink base and is loaded with color shifting micro flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat for the swatches shown here. This bright pink reminds me perfectly of Madonna and it’s gorgeous!

This polish will be $10.

Upside Down has a light cobalt blue base with tons of color shifting micro flakes and holo pigment. I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat for my swatches. This is such a beauty! I love the blue base with all the shiftiness. 

This polish was inspired by the Diana Ross song of the same name and will be $11. 

I Love Rock N Roll has a violet base with color shifting aurora that shifts from violet to gold to green and aqua blue. For my swatches, I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat. This polish is beautiful! I love the purple and greens and golds I see when it shifts! 

This polish was inspired by the Joan Jett song of the same name and will be $12. 

The Tide Is High has a cobalt blue base with color shifting aurora that shifts from pink to gold to green. This color surprised me when I applied it to the nail as it looks much lighter than in the bottle but it was a wonderful surprise! This polish is my favorite of this collection and is simply stunning! It reminded me of mermaids and I adored every minute it was on my nails. I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat for my swatches. 

This polish was inspired by the Blondie song of the same name and will be $12. 

I really love all these polishes, they’re so shifty and beautiful! I’ve never seen polishes like this before so I’m pleased that I could add them to my collection. Be sure to pick these beauties up, you’ll love them! Thanks for reading! 



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