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Cupcake Polish Bermuda Trio

Hello! I have a gorgeous new trio from Cupcake Polish to share with you today and they will be giving you some tropical vibes!
The Bermuda Trio will be releasing on 8/12 at 8pm CDT. These LE (limited edition) polishes will be single batch and won’t be restocked once they sell out so don’t hesitate on these beauties. They will be available for $13 each. 

Bermuda Bound is a coral creme based holo that is filled with iridescent color shifting flakes, blue shimmer and rainbow iridescent glitters. I loooove coral polishes and the flakes in this one really make it stand out. These polishes all applied wonderfully and there were no issues with formula or removal. My swatches show 2 coats and a quick drying top coat. 

Sea Glass Beach is a hot pink nail polish with a subtle linear holographic effect that is packed with a rainbow of iridescent color shifting flakes. I love this hot pink with the flakes, it’s really a beautiful polish! My swatches show 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat.

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Pahlish Spaceland Collection

Hello! I’m back with a new collection from Pahlish today and it’s based on Shannon’s favorite anime, Cowboy Bebop. 
The Spaceland collection will be available for preorder on 8/11 at 7pm central until 8/13 at Midnight central and will be regularly restocked on Sundays after that. These polishes will be $11 each or $60 for the set. These polishes are packed with beautiful shimmers and amazing flakes so let’s dive into my swatches. 

Heavy Metal Queen is a flamingo coral polish with a soft aqua to rose pink shifting glow. This polish is soooo beautiful, I really love it and wore it for several days. My swatches show 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat. This polish and all the polishes in this collection applied wonderfully and has a perfect formula. 

Mad Pierrot is a soft plum polish with a bright green to rose pink shifting glow. This was another polish that I love and the green shimmer is so prominent, it’s just gorgeous! I used 3 thin coats and a quick drying top coat for my swatche…

Glam Polish Princess Shimmers LE Collection

Hello, hello! I have some beautiful new shimmers from Glam Polish to share with you today and they are inspired by one of my favorite things in the world-Disney Princesses! 
This 10 piece collection released on 8/1 at 2pm EST and will be limited edition so don’t hesitate to get the ones you love (or all😁). 

If you purchase within the first 72 hours of release, you have 2 opportunities to save by using codes. You will receive $5 off orders of $50 or more using code: PRINCESS5. You can also save $12 off orders of $120 or more using code: PRINCESS12. Each polish will be $12 and the full set will be $125. Now that we have covered all the pertinent details, let’s get into the swatches. I received 5 of the 10 new polishes to swatch and they are beautiful! 
Mirror, Mirror is a gray crelly with iridescent shimmer, platinum silver flakes and silver micro flakes. I love a beautiful gray polish and the silver flakes in this polish really give it an added flare. My swatches show 3 thin coats and a …